Dunny Series 2014 "Art of War" 2nd lookbook revealed!

The folks over at Kidrobot have revealed the second part of their interactive lookbook that reveals some of the new designs for their upcoming Dunny series, the 'Art Of War'! Above, you can get a few glimpses at some of the Dunny's in this series. Although nothing has been revealed in full, it's still really nice to see these in their true 3D form rather than their vector counterparts! So... who's in the series... the first page is a design from kaNO (who also designed the box and packaging), second is the Black/Silver/Red Dunny variant from Patricio Oliver, the third is from Luihz Unreal, and the fourth is a design from Jon Paul Kaiser... all of which are super unique in nature and feature some very interesting additions to the base Dunny design!!! Hopefully the rest of them will be revealed shortly!

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