"Bronco Buster & Gory Bomb", "R.Mortis", and more! New releases from Daniel Yu!!!

Daniel Yu just sent word of a few new releases that he has planned for Sunday, May 25th at 8pm PST... and each one looks great, so pay attention to all the juicy details we are about to lay out! There are a total of 3 releases, all of which first saw their debut at the Art Toy Culture convention in Seoul, which happened earlier this month. Portions of each item were set aside for his online store... the first of which is the "Irish Whipped" edition of his Gory Bomb & Bronco Buster! Cast in green swirled resin, each piece features multiple points of magnetic articulation and come bagged with a header card. Edition of 10 per figure. Gory Bomb stands 5.5" while Bronco Buster stands 6"... each one will retail for $40 a pop!

Next is the fantastic looking R. Mortis "Day The Earth Stood Still" edition. This figure is the fully painted R. Mortis, inspired by Niktos outfit from Return of the Jedi. Standing 3" tall, and limited to an edition of only 5 pieces, these will retail for just $35 a pop!

Lastly, for all those gambling fans out there... "Mystery Mortis"!!! Featuring an array of versions, including metallics, GID, pearlescent, translucent and swirled editions, each 3" Mortis figure is blind bagged with a total edition size of 60 hand cast resin pieces. As an added bonus, Daniel has randomly inserted 1 fully painted "Day The Earth Stood Still" R. Mortis figure into the mix. Let the fun begin! Grab 1 or 15 for just $10 each! Head on over HERE at the above date and time to snag these up!

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