BE WARNED! Scott Tolleson × Doubleparlour's ultra-limited "Weishaupt" collaborative figure & more!

The slightly surreal stylings of Doubleparlour are being joined by another… Mr. Scott Tolleson, who did the above pictured sculptural collaboration with the duo! Named "Weishaupt," I believe that Tolleson created the cat skullcap while Doubleparlour focused on the figure, but — either way — the result is outstanding. Limited to an edition of only 5 hand-painted, resin cast pieces, these will be released alongside five original one-off figures (pictured below) on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 at 12 NOON Pacific time in the Doubleparlour etsy shop. The collaboration with Tolleson will cost $200 apiece while the one-off figures — including Talbert & Florene, pictured in the front — will be at varying prices from $150 and up.

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