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ThreeZero × Electronic Arts - "Titanfall: Atlas" fully painted prototype on display at Thailand Toy Expo!!!

I recently went out and bought Titanfall for my PC a few days ago and was imediedtly hooked... not becuase of the gameplay or story (which is lacking, but that's a whole other blog post), but because of the visuals... the Mech's aka Titan's are friggen amazing, and leave it to Threezero to team up with EA Games to reproduced these amazing bots as figures... and that is what you see above! This 20.5" (around 52cm) tall "Titanfall: Atlas" figure will be on display at Thailand Toy Expo for the first time from May 1st to May 4th. The prototype - features extremely detailed movable joints, articulated fingers, and even a cockpit that can be opened - will be accompanied by a unpainted 6" tall and fully articulated pilot! From the teasers we posted HERE earlier this month... I for one am really excited to see this come to fruition! More info on the release of this piece in the very near future, in the meantime... close your mouth and wipe up that drool :-p

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