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"Periwinkle: the theme park mascot" custom Munny by Bruckaroni!!!

"Living in New York there are a lot of ghetto costumes in time square and sometimes Ill see one of the characters without there head on and its super weird to me. I know there are people in the costumes but actually seeing the person in there and out of character is super weird! So my idea goes with that wonder of who is in there and instead of an actual person the zipper of the costume is pulled down revealing there are a bunch of octopus in there." Created for the recently launched Vinyl Thoughts Nation "Unmasked" show that just opened last weekend at Bottleneck Gallery, this custom Munny head on a Mini-Munny body, created by Bruckaroni, turned out great and totally pulls off what David B. mentions in the statement above! The figure is actually still up for grabs HERE right now... so head on over to snag this up!

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