Lulubell Toy Bodega unearth copies of HandsomeTaroM's "Mizu-Yōkai (SF Version)" from Wonder Festival 2013!

Created exclusively for the Summer 2013 Wonder Festival, the above pictured "Mizu-Yōkai" (水世会, water monster) by HandsomeTaroM has had a limited number of copies unearthed by Lulubell Toy Bodega for those that missed it the first time around! Standing roughly 9½-inches tall, this wonderful looking piece is cast in clear Japanese vinyl (sofubi) with green, pink, orange, and blue sprays atop. With a strict limit of one piece per household, these are available through April 26th, 2014 at 5PM Pacific time HERE in Lulubell's online shop for $80 apiece.

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