Pause Designs "Yeti Dunny" Artist Proofs... are awesome, and are SOLD OUT!!!

Eric over at Pause Designs shares with us today his amazing artist proofs for his blue "Yeti Dunny"... and holy crap did it turn out amazing! I'm not sure if it's a combination of skilled craftsmanship, amazing photography, or both... actually, it is both, but this figure set looks to be a CGI render... flawless! As you can see, Pause created a Himalayan Yeti wrangler along with accessories to accompany this great looking piece. This was created as an edition of just 5 pieces, and unfortunately for all of us, Pause decided to give first dibs to people on his waiting list for customs... so they're all sold now... LUCKY!!! Hopefully he makes a few with his "Black" chase version... amazing work, as always!

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