Christopher Lee presents - Freeman Robotics "U-23" resin robos... they will take over the world!

Christopher Lee has been hard at work on a brand new project, and up until now, he has been keeping things somewhat quite... dropping little teasers here and there, releasing images of these really cool looking robos... and today, well, today is the day we get to share with you what these are all about! Introducing the "U-23", which is manufactured by the fictional Freeman Robotics, a 22nd century robotics corporation that Chris will be building a world around. Chris mentions "I’ve always loved the how the 60′s and 70′s perceived the “future” and that idealistic vision is what will drive the look and feel of the characters and technology in this seemingly utopian landscape." For this initial release, these 4.5" resin robos feature 2-points of articulation and will drop in 3 waves... they are as follows:

The "Standard" (edition of 28) will retail for $90 each! "The U-23 was originally a city owned utility storage unit which as been reconfigured for civilian use. With ten cubic feet of internal storage, the U-23 mobile storage unit is indispensable for the urban pack rat." This classic OG white unit is ready to deploy... and I just love that cheeky face he has!

The "Nautical Explorer" Variant (edition of 8) will retail for $120 each "Freeman Robotics was contracted by the Ocean Conservation Society to develop a small fleet of U-23's for research and rescue. Only eight were ever made." The very yellow bots with blue accents are up for any task... and they don't shy away, from anything!

Lastly, the "Municipal Services" Variant (edition of 8) will retail for $145 a pop! "Before the U-23 was modified and offered for sale to the general public, it was utilized daily by construction and clean up crews around the city. On particularly busy garbage days, Freeman Robotics would send out additional U-23's to speed up trash collection." This is by far my favorite bot... gotta love that grungy wear and tear... this little guy gets WORK DONE and these eight units have been decommissioned and are sold as-is.

Each bot comes with a 'Power Station' accessory, that you see in the above photos... a necessary piece of equipment to keep your bot charged and ready to roll! Each figure comes safely packed in its own box that includes stickers, a "quick start guide", a safe handling sheet, a "Certificate of Ownership" with the edition number, two promotional postcards, and a small archival print of the original concept illustration... and the best part, they are 100% hand-painted and detailed by Freeman Robotics...errrr, Chris :-) Look for these to release HERE this coming Friday, March 14th at 10am PST!

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