Avatar666's Original, Tron & Grammy Awards "Daft Punk" custom sets on 'Bots & Dunnys!

Méxican artist Avatar666 has made a variety of Daft Punk inspired custom sets, each one showing off the musical duo in a different memorable set of gear. There's the all white version from the 2014 Grammy Awards ceremony, the white with dot designs outfits from the Tron sequel, and the classic all black Original outfits. Avatar666 sculpted and hand-painted these one-of-a-kind works over 3-inch tall Kidrobot 'Bot vinyl figures with a fourth set — also based on the Original costumes — made from 3-inch tall Dunny platforms. While Avatar666's work is usually sold long before it is completely revealed, these were kept under wraps and are available now! Please contact him directly at avatar [dot] 7 [at] hotmail [dot] com if you'd like to reserve any of the four sets: Grammy & Tron each being $140 per set, Original 'Bots being $160 for the set, and Original Dunny being $180 for the set.

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