AVAILABLE NOW! Death Cat Toys × DuBoseArt's "Lilith, the First Mother" marbled resin figures!

Death Cat Toys, the Designer Toy identity of tattoo artist Johan Bramwell Ulrich from Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival, has unleashed his "Lilith, the First Mother" resin figures upon the world. Cast in crystal clear resin with various marbled colors, these stunning pieces are approximately 5-inches long from front to back, not including the horns. Due to their swirled to perfection nature, these are the most photogenic works… so the illustration below should help you in identifying the awe-inspiring work that you must add to your collection. Cast by DuBoseArt, these weigh in at an impress 0.75 pounds of pure, solid resin! Available now in Death Cat Toys's online shop for a mere $80 apiece!

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