COMING TODAY! Mondo × Star Trek's "Arena" & "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" poster prints!

Screen printed poster powerhouse Mondo tackle one of the big science-fiction franchises, letting Matt Taylor and Kevin Dart loose on Star Trek. Taylor's work, pictured above, depicts the classic showdown brawl episode, "Arena," which saw Capt. Kirk pit himself against a deadly Gorn. These 20"×36" screen prints will be limited to an edition of 175 hand-numbered copies for $45 apiece. Dart, on the other hand, delivered the below pictured pieces inspired by the Robert Bloch penned "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" These 24"×18" screen prints are both hand-numbered, the regular one (pictured on the left) being limited to 175 pieces for $40 each while the Thai variant — which changes the title to สิ่งที่เป็นสาวน้อยที่ทำจาก, Thai for "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" — is limited to 85 pieces for $65 each. Bearing in mind that most Mondo prints sell out within minutes, the only way you'll have a chance to snag one of these will be by following Mondo's Twitter feed, as that is where they will announce when the piece is available in their web shop today (March 6th, 2014)!

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