Introducing "Strong-bot" from Onorio D'Epiro and Scott Brimley

Onorio D'Epiro makes some of the coolest robot figures around, and recently he teamed up with Scott Brimley to create yet another awesome bot... introducing "Strong-bot"!!! This robo is a stout 4" wide and just short of 4" tall- he's made with a 3D printer, and with as you can see, the work features a layered texture... really resembling worked steel. The pieces will be available at this years ToyCon 2014 as well as their brand new (soon to launch) site HERE very soon! I really dig the neanderthal type pose with the arms on the ground... such a fantastic looking pieces! In the meantime, please feel free to visit Onorio's website HERE! Price and edition size will be posted very soon... sooooo good!

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