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Shez's "Glass Joe" from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! custom bub!

Ahhhh nostalgia! Gotta love these classic throwback's from the 80's... especially if it involves video games, and artist Shez is no stranger to these customs as he has tackled them in the past. This go around, Shez challenged Mike Tyson's Punch-Out once again with a custom of "Glass Joe"... the feared fighter from France!

"Glass Joe is the first and easiest fighter to beat on your road to the championship. Doesn't he look like a dear in headlights? He really requires no skill and can be beaten blind folded but is good practice for beginners. When he comes in for an uppercut, dodge and repeatedly hit him in the face. This will take away a lot oh his stamina. Repeat 2 or 3 times and he will be out in the first round for a TKO." Shez used a Kidrobot Bub platform along with sculpey and acrylics to transform this once blank vinyl figure into one cool looking retro custom. This piece, along with others is up for grabs HERE right now in his web shop... so go now before you get the '10-count' and miss out on grabbing this for your collection!

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