"Orange Creamsicle" sofubi Heathrow figures from Frank Kozik!

Frank Kozik just announced that he will be releasing a batch of his 3" tall sofubi Heathrow figures in the all new "Orange Creamsicle" colorway... and for obvious reasons, this name fits this release perfect! This is an edition of 50, hand painted figures... all of which come bagged with unique header card that is signed and numbered by Frank! "Heathrow hates you. But, please don't take it personally, he hates EVERYONE. In fact, just the other day as he was walking through the Magic Mushroom Forest ( which he hates) he met the Orange Creamsicle, who tried to be friends and even offered Heathrow a bite, but Heathrow just hated him as well, and it made the Orange Creamsicle really sad and he went home and drank bleach." See, it just goes to show that even being a negative Nancy can have a lasting effect on those you meet... don't go home and drink bleach, go home... take out $40 bones, wait in front of your computer and pull the trigger HERE on Wednesday, February 26th at 2pm PST!

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