Yury Ustsinau x Kidrobot - "Berries: Blueberry" teaser for next Kidrobot Black figure release!

Although it's not been fully revealed, the folks over at Kidrobot have released a nice little teaser image for their next super limited artist based 'Black' series... and upon further investigation, it appears to be the work of German based vector artist Yury Ustsinau. Unknown to us until now, but super excited to see his work, he creates some fantastic characters... all of which are grounded by one common element 'black'! Some surreal landscapes and creepy creatures emanate from his work, and it sure is a ballsy feat on Kidrobt's part to try to replicate his organic like flow... and from what we can tell, they did an awesome job! Based on an illustration in Yury's "Berries" series and subsequently titled "Blueberry", you can see from the illustration below that Kidrobot tried to stay true to form for their art toy! No word on a release just yet... but we will update you when we get more info!

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