Buff Monster's "Mister Melty" sofubi figure in first painted colorway & blank "Zombie" edition!!!!

Buff Monster's previously released "Mister Melty" Japanese vinyl (sofubi) idol is being issued in its very first painted edition. Featuring one point of articulation, this 3-inch tall self-produced vinyl figure is perfect for any fan of the Monster… as it truly encapsulates his artistic vision. Set to be released tomorrow (Thursday, January 30th, 2014) in Buff Monster's online shop, the painted original version of "Mister Melty" is bright pink vinyl with a variety of paint applications. The Zombie version is unpainted white vinyl; the character features a torn-open head, a bandaged arm, a messed up cone and a ripped-open shoe... he's really seen better days! Both are made of Japanese vinyl (Sofubi) and feature a new header-card. Pink Mister Melty is $35 (+S/H); Zombie Mister Melty is $30 (+S/H). Both will be available at 10am EST on buffmonster.com.

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