Glazed Ceramic "Bun Slinger" by Robin VanValkenburgh

The third editioned figure out from 'Runny Bunny' series comes "Bun Slinger", created in hand crafted glazed ceramic by Artist Robin VanValkenburgh is ready to make its way into your collection... and in 4 awesome colorways! "Seems far gentler than the Wild Hare Trigger muse he is. Go on and get gunned down by his cottony charm." This art multiple stands 18.5" tall, comes signed, and are limited to 100 pieces in each colorway... which includes: "Orange-A-Peel", "Sun Kissed", "Toad-ily Green", and "Robin's Egg"! They comes packaged in a cardboard signed and numbered box... and retail for only $75 a piece... SWEET! Look for these in most designer toy stores worldwide starting this month! For more amazing ceramic goodness... visit Robin's online store HERE!

Source [DKE Toys]

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