Dragatomi presents: "The Art of Love" a love themed group art show!!!

The folks over at Dragatomi are in a loving mood... and rightfully so, seeing as Valentines Day is just around the corner! For the month of February, they are hosting a group art show entitled "The Art of Love" which will feature a whole slew of artists including: Jerome Lu • Phil Lumbang • John “Spanky” Stokes • Lana Crooks • Leecifer • Mikie Graham • MaloApril • TashaZimich • ValleyDweller • Jeremiah Ketner • Mark Nagata • PodgyPanda • Double Parlour • Jason Limon • Carson Catlin • Ardabus Rubber • Jay222 • Mike Fudge • Betso • Tony Nakanari • Susan Lee • Kano • DrilOne • Nemo • Malo_One • Daniel Fleres • Candie Bolton! Now... here are some details! This is a cash and carry show... meaning if you go and you like a piece, you take it home with you on the spot... no waiting on the show to end! This will allow for any and all pieces purchased to be shipped immediately so that the buyer will hopefully have it in time for Valentine's day. Another sweet little tidbit about this show is that the price point is $150 maximum for each piece submitted... so every art piece in this will be affordable and will fit into everyone's budget!

I am stoked to be apart of this show, and I created a couple custom resin 'Borracho De Los Muertos' figures in traditional V-Day colors... "Red" and "Pink! Both rotocast figures entitled "In Death, We Love", feature nice vibrant colors with a black matte wash/rub over the entire surface to give it a cool antiqued worn out effect and then they are finished off with a nice dullcoat to protect the entire figure! Each 6" tall figure is just $65 a pop... so if you head out to the show in person, or check it out online... pick one of these up for your lover.

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