L'amour Supreme & SuckLord team up to fight crime... "GREAT VILLAINS OF GOTHAM" art show at One-Shot Gallery!

A great city demands a better class of criminal and Batman’s backyard does not disappoint. This show, hosted by One-Shot Gallery, entitled "GREAT VILLAINS OF GOTHAM: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot", aims to give these devils their due, a spotlight on the dark minds forever thwarted by a dark knight. They have asked both L'amour Supreme and SuckLord to participate and they gave the fine folks what they have been screaming for, "Jokebat", a mixture of Joker and Batman! Some bootleg resin goodness indeed, Sucklord provided the figure and L'amour did up some sick looking card art as well as an original illustration to accompany the figure. Both are one-off's and will be up for grabs... but don't expect these to last long!

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