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Scott Tolleson x Inkit Labs - Wood cut "Lil' Rufus" zombie exclusive for D-Con!

 photo photoRufus2.jpg
Woah... talk about awesome!!! What may be the hottest exclusive this year at Designer-Con, Scott Tolleson's "Lil' Rufus" laser cut wood figure from Inkit Labs turned out fantastic... and it appears that Inkit Labs has definitely saved the best for last! According to Scott, the story goes... "Lil' Rufus is the first documented zombie. Back before zombies were cool, this little shit used to go 'round the neighborhood with a slingshot killing people's animals. Cows, cats, dogs, pigs, sheep... One day he interrupted some special private time between 2 chupacabras and he got bit. Right in the back! What a little fucker right? Leave the animals alone. The chupacabra’s saliva possess magic powers that can bring back their offspring from death. This is the only way to ensure they don't become extinct. Anyway, the bite of the chupacabra had a less than desirable effect on poor little Timmy. It caused him to become undead and forever wander the earth. Lesson, don't f*ck with the animals unless you plan to eat them." I just love the clean illustration style of Scott's applied to a 2D/3D figure, it turned out great!
 photo photoRufus.jpg
Standing at 6" tall, made entirely of wood, this figure comes with 3 head options: Stage 1 Infection, Stage 2 Infection and “Totally f*cked” Infection... and how clever is that. They slide into each other so you can display any stage of infection you want. There is no word on a price or an edition size just yet, but expect these to sell fast! Pick them up at Inkit Labs booth #800 during the convention!

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