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LOOK OUT! Gorgoloid's new Marbled Monstrocities wave of Kaiju Rhaal resin creatures drop tonight!

What exactly is the "Kaiju Rhaal"… mutant menace or misunderstood monster? According to creature creator Gorgoloid:
Rhaal is monster born from our own ignorance. The Rhaal is a amphibious Water Elemental Guardian of Gaia rising against the human’s attacks in their respected geographic territories. The Rhaal have become deformed and delirious from our toxic waste, pollution, and the over fishing of the waters. They are retaliating with prejudice and fury. We have provoked a slumbering giant. Rhaal is the high cost to our blind consumerism.
Standing 5-inches tall, these beasts are 200 grams of solid resin that has been marbled using Monster Kolor dyes! Each hand-painted and signed by the artist, the four unique colorways pictured above are one-of-a-kind, one-off pieces! These four beautiful beasts will be available tonight (Wednesday, November 27th, 2013) at 6PM Pacific time in Gorgoloid's online shop for $85 apiece.

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