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burunDANGA, Gabriel Carpio, Camilla d'Errico & Jason Limon's customs for "Fonzo Loves California" at Dragatomi!

Day three of revealing customs created on Freak Store's Fonzo platform — following a stunning days one and two — all uniquely painted for the previously announced "Fonzo Loves California" exhibition. Today's four are a tad big all over the place, led off by the platform's original design team, burunDANGA (Top Left), who created an adorably strong looking bulldog — decked out in his swimsuit onesie that reads "Mishu" on it — with a chunk gone from one ear. Then Gabriel Carpio, an immaculate painted himself, foregoes his typically oni themed work to do produce an insanely elaborate mecha style piece. The lovely Camilla d'Errico uses strictly her fine art skills to treat this like a three-dimensional canvas, painting an elaborate and detailed creature, while Jason Limon uses a mixture of sculpting and painting to convert the piece into a cycplotic creature of his own imagination. That's all for today, but fret not… there will be more tomorrow!

"Fonzo Loves California," a custom group show, opens on November 16th, 2013 at Dragatomi, 2317 J St., Sacramento, CA 95816.
Participating artists include: Scribe, Scott Tolleson, MAp-MAp, Camilla d'Errico, doubleparlour, Chauskoskis, DrilOne, Jeremiah Ketner, 64 Colors, Sergio Mancini, Artmymind, Gary Ham, Rsin, Stuart Witter, Charles Rodriguez, Gabriel Carpio, Task One, Otto Björnik, Grimsheep, ShojonoTomo, Eimi, Chikuwaemil, Tasha Zimich, Ardabus Rubber, The Beast Brothers, Jay222, Jon-Paul Kaiser, UME Toys, Mark Nagata, Jason Limon, Sonni, Muxxi, BurunDANGA, Spencer Hibert, Mab Graves, Mike Fudge, Calvin Ma, Nakanari, PJ Constable, Patrick Wong, GerardMDS, and Silvia Cipolla.

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