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Peter Kato is back... and he's bringing a whole bunch of new resin figures to NYCC 2013!!!

 photo IMG_4549-1.jpg
Peter Kato has been MIA for the last 11 months building his new art studio and for the last part of the year really focusing his efforts back into toy sculpting & resin casting... and above are the fruits of his labor. Introducing the brand new Mogu Tank (or Mole Tank.) According to Peter "He's a big Mole Kaiju from the earth's core caverns rescued and recruited into the Earth Defense Army. He has been refitted with a cybernetic drill nose and is carried by a tank tread, radio controlled by the soldiers. He doesn't drive. Actually all he mostly does is eat and sleep. The Army has a hard time putting him into action because they're never sure if he'll be awake to perform the task needed at those crucial moments. Nevertheless he is a strong and powerful ally against the invading Space Army!" Releasing as an exclusive at NYCC 2013, above you can see the Toy Tokyo exclusive colorway: Body Light Flesh, Drill Nose Baby Pink and Tank Tread Baby Purple with Hot Pink painted highlights. These will be available only at the Toy Tokyo booth at NYCC, are limited to 12 pieces, and will cost $30 each!

 photo IMG_4645.jpg
The next figures will be only available through Peter's shop-site and at the Onell Design booth (Peter will be set up on Saturday 4pm-7pm and on Sunday from 1pm-5pm). "Showing support for our Mole-Tank are the Army-Jacks. They are armed with the task of escorting Mogu-Tank via remote control to the target locations. They are each armed with a flame thrower to protect themselves from any alien invaders during this task." The micro figures are cast in green and are fitted with a standing base. Each is sized at a slim 1" tall and will retail for $5 each.

 photo IMG_4782.jpg
Next up for shop-site and Onell booth are the return of Peter's "Tako-Terrians"!!! They are back, and these are basically the Tako-Cubes out of their Cube-Suits. They are cast in pink resin with a silver highlight painted around it's control collar. Oh, and eyes are painted in also. These guys are a chunky 1" tall and will be $10 each.

 photo IMG_4804.jpg
Lastly is Peter's standard color variation of the Mogu-Tank. He is a bright pink resin cast with hot pink painted highlights with a grey Drill-Nose on a toy army green Tank-Tread. There will be about 20 of these divided online and available at NYCC.... but since these won't be available until Saturday at the convention, the online customers will have a first stab at getting them.

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