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Nathan, the time travel mansheep!!! Yeah... what a headline :-)

 photo 922991_539122902824517_731277153_n.jpg
Kid Festered sent word about a new toy drop that is happening on November 1st... and even though it's a little ways away, we figured why not give you all the heads up now!! "Nathan was once a human being with the ability to time travel. While on one of his time traveling adventures Nathan's DNA freakishly mixed with that of a sheep. Now, he is cursed to walk the earth forever.. half sheep and half man. Shunned by the sheep as well as the humans, he is alone in this world." Yup... you guessed it, Nathan is now part sheep, and this creepy looking resin figure will be up for grabs HERE for just $10 on November, 1st! We will give you all a reminder in a few weeks... until then, baaaaaaa!

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