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"MaeMaeMon" MAD*L revealed in full from MAD... a nice swirl of rainbow goodness!

 photo MaeMaeMon-madtoydesign-madl-spankystokes.png
It looks like it's reveal week for Jeremy "MAD" Madl as he shared with us yesterday the reveal of his "MAD APE" MAD*L figure... and today we are getting a look at the next addition to his upcoming 'Phase:4' release with "MaeMaeMon"... a tribute piece to his daughter, Mae. All of his Phases have had similar tribute pieces to people in his family, and all of which have that signature collar around their necks. 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the MAD*L platform, and with this, expect not only 'Phase:4' to release, but a ton of other products from MAD as well. When can you see these in person... maybe Dcon 2013?!?! Details soon'ish!

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