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COMPLETE REVEAL: Kidrobot's "Dunny Evolved" Series with Huck Gee, Frank Kozik, Kronk, McBess & Scott Tolleson!

Spotted on the Instagram feed of _nicedream_, and subsequently posted up all over the net on sites like Trampt and Atom Plastic, we have a complete reveal of the entire Kidrobot produced "Dunny Evolved" series! Pictured above are the Phase 1, 2 & 3 designs by Huck Gee, featuring a futuristic iPolice Officer evolving from trainee to riot officer to mech warrior. In my head, this poor guy has a backstory straight out of Robocop!
Then we've got the Frank Kozik designed Phases, showing the strange evolution from sea creature to cave man to space man! Or, perhaps if the order above is the proper one, it is a tale of de-evolution as man regresses back into the sea.
In a Jekyll and Hyde like spin, Kronk shows off the evolution of the party animal, from mild mannered man at a strip club to two-fisting drooling love machine to full-on wild side! In a series filled with fantastic ideas and designs, this one actually stands out as the strongest to me… Or, perhaps, I just like the whole party animal thing. Who knows!
McBess's above pictured Phases show the evolution of the speaker from the super simple all the way to the modern. Definitely a cool set to give to that special someone in your life that loves music, as this is probably the most relatable design to non-Dunny collectors.
Scott Tolleson's Phases are actually some strange but gorgeous hybrid of plant and dragon! Going from budding plant to opening flower with feminine to qualities to full on blossomed beast! Kidrobot's "Dunny Evolved," featuring designs by Frank Kozik, McBess, Kronk, Huck Gee, and Scott Tolleson, will be released on October 10th, 2013 — that's during New York Comic Con — for $10 per blind box.

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