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Amazing! Paul Kaiju × REAL×HEAD's "Jinxman" figures for Designer Con 2013!

If you weren't planning on attending the 2013 Designer Con, then you might want to change your mind… for Paul Kaiju will be unleashing these fantastic mash-ups of his own "King Jinx" design with REAL×HEAD's classic "Chaosman" figure! Entitled "Jinxman," these are primarily a standard Chaosman piece though with the addition of a King Jinx head and left hand claw! Each hand-painted by Kaiju, any remaining copies will be listed in his online shop after the convention… but I wouldn't hold your breath that any will be unsold!
 * * * UPDATE * * *  From Paul Kaiju himself: "Correction on the Jinxmen. It's not a mash-up. I sculpted that head and articulated claw specifically for the Chaosman body. It was produced via REAL×HEAD."

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