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TaskOne's "Rocky the Rhino" Battle Beast custom Jouwe... is AMAZING!

 photo TaskOne-battlebeast-rhino.jpg
I don't know about all of you, but some of the coolest toys that I had growing up were called Battle Beasts. These mini figures looked so rad, and they were an anthropomorphised animal with body armor and came with a unique weapon as well as a chest plate that contained a heat sensitive sticker on his chest which, when rubbed, would reveal the warrior's strength! Well, TaskOne was asked by a fan of this series to take a 10" vinyl Jouwe figure and transform him into "Rocky Rhino" from BB fame... and above is the result. A 10" tall, badass looking, modern day battle beast customized by Task... and hot damn does it look stellar! If you are familiar with the original Jouwe figure, you know that it's very simple in form. The reason why I mention this is because Task completely sculpted over pretty much the entire figure, transforming him into one of the raddest custom Jouwe's I have ever seen! That collector who commissioned Task to create this has got to be seriously stoked!

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