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Task One's "Pillaging Pop Culture, Series 2" from Tenacious Toys!!!

While Task One's "Pillaging Pop Culture, Series 2" was previously released, Task provides a special run of the 'Bears Gone Bad' drug-addled 3-inch tall resin figures for Tenacious Toys's online store. What makes this so special? These blind boxed hand-painted pieces have FOUR VARIANT versions of TWO DIFFERENT figures! As pictured below, both Huffer Bear and Nicotine Bear have chase versions, while only the latter had been previously announced. If you want a chance to snag these stunning pieces, keep an eye on the Tenacious Toys's Super Sunday page on Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at 9AM Pacific time for them to magically appear. Costing a mere $24.99 per blind box or $299 for the complete set, how can you go wrong?

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