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"It Figures" group show featurette: Nicky Davis "Zombie Yeti" plush figure!!!

 photo zombieyeti-plush.jpg
The "It Figures" show (posted HERE) is coming up really fast, like 2 days away, and we have a really cool feature showing off the work of Nicky Davis with his first attempt at a plush figure... and it turned out awesome! This "Zombie Yeti" plush is very reminiscent of his 2D paintings... but it's really cool to see him branching out to the plush realm. "It Figures" group art exhibition and show opens this Thursday, September 12th from 6pm-10pm at True Love Gallery in Seattle, Washington and will feature works from: 13fngrs, Narboo, Mat Savage, Carolyn Hitt, Nicky Davis, Luke Yates, Starheadboy, Joseph Brooks, Jacklyn Rose, Crystal Morey, Clark Masterson, Killer Bootlegs, Joe Collan, George Long, Solace Wonder, Curtis Ashby, Allison Boyd, Davora Linder, Battershell, Mechavirus, and Kevin Gossilin!!!

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