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Hybrid's custom Bubble Heroes Series 2: Marvel Villains Dunnys for Vinyl Thoughts!

Native Texan customizer Hybrid has created the "Bubble Heroes Series 2: Marvel Villains" custom artist series of Dunnys, following up his previously released Series 1. As with Series 1, all the pieces in Series 2 look great and, for those that don't read Marvel Comics often, the characters with ratios are:
Top Row (L-R): Doctor Doom (6/50), Mr. Sinister (2/50), Magneto (6/50), and Loki (8/50)
Middle Row (L-R): Ultron (2/50) and Apocalypse (10/50)
Bottom Row (L-R): Red Skull (6/50), Constrictor (8/50), and Thanos (4/50)
They are available now either blind boxed individually or as a complete set, the latter being the only way to get the Ultron Dunny! Available in the Vinyl Thoughts online shop, you can snag a single blind box HERE for $60 apiece and buy a complete set (limited to only 2!) HERE for $500.

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