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Doktor A.'s amazing "Blimpington" for the Circus Posterus 'Monsters & Misfits III' group exhibition!!!

 photo Blimplington-doktora-mm3.jpg
Doktor A. continues to turn heads with his fantastic custom creations... and for the upcoming Monsters & Misfits III on September 13 in Takayama, Japan... he pulled out all the stops! Introducing "Blimpington", another magical creation from the mind of the good Doktor! THe great thing about this piece is the motion that it conveys. That little Mechtorian is sure having one heck of a time keeping "Blimpington" grounded, and he sure is doing his darndest to reel him in! Dok's steampunk stylings are always a visual treat, and this piece, on top of the many others we have been showing off, really makes MM3 a contender for show of the year!

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