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"Bits and Pieces" group art show at LIFT Designer Toys and Gallery!!!

 photo bits-and-pieces-poster.jpg
This Saturday, September 28th marks the opening of "Bits and Pieces", an awesome group art show that is being hosted by LIFT Designer Toys and Gallery! The world is made up of bits and pieces. They are the small parts that make a whole. This show features art by 20+ artists from around the continent, each contributing their bits and pieces in the form of 2D art and/or designer toys.

 photo Bits-in-Peace.jpg
So what can you expect... well, art from the following: Adam Klimek, Anthony Callis, Jerry Shirts, Jenn and Tony Bot, Tasha Zimich, Cesar Diaz (aka Customations), Patrick Wong, JFury, Crystal Mielcarek, 27 Robots, Heather Hansma, Ben DeFever (bdf), Ghosty,Julianna Counts, Carl Oxley III, Juana Moore, Bryan Collins, Kelly O’Hara, Jason Maxlow, Kelly Cantilena, Leo Perez, and Ryan the Wheelbarrow! There are so many amazing pieces in this show from a ton of talented artists... so if you are in or around the Detroit area, be sure to swing on by to check out this show in person!

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