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"Birro the Clown" Dunny Artist Proofs from Chauskoskis... it's about time!!!!

 photo birrotheclown-chauskoskis-dunny-ap.jpg
Ya know... sometimes life get in the way of getting things done, and that's exactly what happened to Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis and his "Birro the Clown" Dunny artist proof's. I know most of us have been waiting patiently for this release, and the day has finally come... but rejoice fine Dunny fans, as Walter has made the wait worth your while! Releasing HERE on Wednesday, September 18th at 9am CST for $105 a pop, you get the rad Birro Dunny along with a ton of extras. It will come with a hand sculpted mallet (each one made individually), the Birro Hat comes pimped out with a fancy bird feather (last minute upgrade not shown on some pictures), and the coolest thing... Birro comes with his trusty sidekick, "Monko" who has the most important job, to keep Birro's Beer safe while he kicks ass. "Monko" is an original sculpt made specifically for hardcore Birro fans who get this AP, resin cast, and hand painted by Chauskoskis. All figures come signed and numbered in a nice hard wood box... a deal too good to pass up! Don't miss out... these release TOMORROW!!! ****UPDATE**** Do to a tropical storm, and a huge power outage, Walter is rescheduling this release for Friday, September 20th at 11am CST... he's very sorry for the inconvenience!

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