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Crestone's Dunny "Warrior Series 2.0" Blindbox pre-order!!!

 photo crestone-warrior-dunny-blindbox-spankystokes.jpg
Ralph Subia aka Crestone has just announced a really cool new custom Dunny series that is up for pre-order NOW via his online store HERE. Introducing Crestone's Dunny "Warrior Series 2.0"... an awesome looking series of customs that Ralph has really spent a ton of time on. With this series, Ralph hand sculpted and cast eight different masks along with rad bows, arrows, leather quivers, spears and other weapons. Ralph always does a great job with his creations and is now offering up these gems for just $70 a pop... and he only plans on making 50 of them... so if you dig what you see, head on over HERE now to snag one up! Oh, and who knows... there may be a few chase designs mixed in with the run of figures as well!

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