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AColorfulMonster's "The Chimeron" Coming Soon in Glacier Kaiju Madness!

Like something off of the set of a Grade Z sci-fi monster movie wherein the creature was a mash-up of costume bits from other fantastical films, artist AColorfulMonster's designed, sculpted & resin cast "The Chimeron" creation is evolved from the very best of the worst (or is that worst of the best?) kaiju inspired bits of movie madness. I love the intricate details covering this wacky sculpt, which will soon be released in the above pictured "Glacier Edition" of transparent blue and crystal clear resin. Standing roughly 6-inches tall, these guys are articulated at the neck, arms, and waist! We'll make sure to keep you informed on this release, but check out AColorfulMonster's blog for all the work-in-progress shots of how he got here!

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