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Scott Tolleson's AP "Pink" Mini-Deadbeet & "OG" BittaCritta up for grabs online now!!!

 photo PinkBabyDB.jpg
Hey all you Argyle Warrior fans out there... it's time to hit up Scott Tolleson's online store HERE right now to secure a little bit of awesomeness that he just put up for grabs! First is the very sought after Artist Proof(AP) colorway of Scott's OTMFG Mini-Deadbeet in bright pink. These are super limited and he only has a handful of these up for grabs and seeing as they are just $3 a pop, they won;t last long.

 photo SmallBitta.jpg
Next is the "OG" BittaCritta figure from Scott that saw the light of day at SDCC 2013. Standing at just over 5" tall, this guy may be little, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for with attitude! This figure is so awesome, and seeing as they are self produced by Scott, the quality is on point. Head on over HERE now and for just $50 a pop, you can give this lovable drunk a nice place to rest his head at night!

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