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PlaSeeBo's "Great American Kaiju inspired by real monsters" Series Debut!

Bob "PlaSeeBo" Conge has announced a brand new artist series he's planning on exploring: "Great American Kaiju inspired by real monsters." The debut piece in this line, the above pictured "D C Lobbyist," is a one-of-a-kind 11-inch tall resin hand-painted figure with internal motion activated color changing LED units that comes signed and dated. Per Conge's statement on this release and the series concept as a whole:
It is my opinion that the influence peddling lobbyists hired by special interest groups have hijacked our government. In fact America is no longer a democracy, it has become a daily auction of our principals and assets going to the highest bidder! “We the people” are no longer represented by our congressmen and senators.
Profuse daily distractions of forever war in some foreign land, forest fires in the west, politicians caught with their pants down, the IRS cheating, periodic threats of the next pandemic that never quite seems to get here, on and on, keep our attention fractured and so oblivious to the theft right under our nose.
The lobbyists lurk just below the surface like greedy sharks overfeeding in a frenzy on the unsuspecting public as we swim in circles of illusion. If America is to return to a democracy, “we the people” must demand an end to this lobbyists system of unequal representation NOW!
It seems ironic that the solution is also part of the problem. Our most powerful tool for equal representation is the potential of the internet for mass communication and organization. Yet with all devices we carry with us so faithfully, we keep them focused on meaningless trivia.
We need to refocus on the bigger picture and rid Washington of these parasites.
"The D C Lobbyist" is accompanied by the 18" × 24" limited edition print of the same name:

"Creatures," a five-person kaiju exhibition, is currently on display and runs through September 8th, 2013 at Foe Store & Gallery, 28 Pleasant St., Northampton, MA 01060.

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