Strychnin Gallery presents “Monster’s Lullaby” - a group art show opening 07/19/2013

 photo res_-The-Monsters-Lullaby.jpg
I love monsters... and I assume that most of you all do as well. So why not do a group show centered around this theme... and that's exactly what the folks over at Strychnin Gallery have decided to do with their upcoming groupshow, “Monster’s Lullaby”, opening on July 19th!!! This show will focus on current (and future) trends in illustration, sculpture and graphic art based on the art of character design, and although we mostly consider monsters to be on the dark side... this show will focus on the friendly, soft, and all around appealing side of these creatures that make their ways into our lives on a daily basis. Strychnin Gallery have selected a group of international artists that focus on sculpting, illustration, painting and design. They are Seymour, Skeleton Heart, Cliff Wallace, Leslie Ditto, Kasey Tararuj, Rsinart, Nomi Chi, Niark, Celine Rouge, Carisa Swanson\Goblin Studio, Lydia Dekker, Annie Bertram and Chris Brett. An all star cast, for what appears to be an awesome show! Stay tuned for more teasers.

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