CORRECTION: Haus of Boz's original resin figure is named…

We'd previously revealed that Haus of Boz's debut resin figure was entitled "Irezumi" (入れ墨), which is incorrect… first wave of these resin figures to be released will be irezumi-themed, but the figure itself is named "Ghost of the Narwhal!"
In the most secluded depths of the tides, concealed in the swirling, sunless water, rest the bones of the narwhals, bare, and silent in the sand, yet their defiant souls remain. Refusing to abandon the site of their greatest victories, the Ghosts of the Narwhals, haunt the wrecks of sunken whaling boats, like relics. Through the gloaming, they rise from the spectral realms to protect their timeworn bones from those that would disturb their eternal peace beneath the waves.
This figure is being self-produced entirely at the Haus of Boz, based on an original sculpt be her that is "inspired by one of nature's strangest curiosities, the Narwhal, the ancient art of scrimshaw, and Herman Melville's Moby Dick." Keep your eyes on the Haus of Boz online shop, as these figures are sure to disappear quickly.

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