Uglydoll x Universal Studios - The Creature from the Black Lagoon... vinyl figure?!?!

 photo universaluglys-creaturefromtheblacklagoon-spankystokes-1.jpg
Spotted over on SkullBrain, this very cryptic yet awesome photo that David Horvath of Ugly Dolls posted up showing off a very distant shot of what appears to be a new vinyl figure. Well, a few posts below that was what appears to be a header card with the Universal logo as well as the "Home of the original Monsters" stamp... so I put 2 and 2 together... and based off some plush we have already seen, it looks like David and his Ugly Doll universe will be adapting the classic silver screen monsters into his world of cute creations. First up is "Big Toe" as The Creature from the Black Lagoon... and according to David, the tank that you see above is the actual tank where they filmed under water scenes for Creature from the Black Lagoon!!! It looks like a really cool little figure, and I am anxious to see the rest of the bunch... that being said, will we see these revealed at the upcoming UglyCon on June 15th?

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