"Birko" custom Dunny by MAp-MAp!!!

 photo Berko_S.jpg
That old saying "Better Late Than Never" applies with this post, because unfortunately for all of us, this rad little custom sold out in a flash this morning... but we figured, why not post this up to show off the skills of artists MAp-MAp! Titled "Birko" this little 3" custom Dunny is described as "An old man, his thinking stick, and one furry companion."... and as you can see from that facial expression, he really is deep in thought! There is something really adorable about all the work that MAp-MAp does, from the sculpting, to the really tame color pallet, it really all works so well together... to create such charming creations. It really is no wonder why his piece don't last long in his online store... that being said, go check out the few piece up for grabs right now HERE!

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