The Disarticulators x Rampage Toys's amazing "Cupcakes in Space" mini figures!

Cupcakes in Space
Everyone loves cupcakes and space travel, so why not bring the two together?!? Created by mastermind mini figure maverick Tru:Tek for his The Disarticulators group branding, we get this amazing mash-up of his own TTFTD Bio-Drone with the classic Rampage Toys designed Cupcake Luchador keshi under the guise of… "Cupcakes in Space!" Made out of four rubber cast parts, these mini figures are vibrant and vivid looking. And who doesn't like a sweet clear plastic dome on top of their toys?!? This design is set to debut at junk food-inspired group show Tokyo Junkie 5 Exhibition next week, but we're told that a general release has been tentatively set for May 31st, 2013!

The "Tokyo Junkie 5 Exhibition" will open on May 24th and be on display until June 5th, 2013 at Plateaux in Ikebukuro (Tokyo).
Participating artists include: Rampage Toys, Devilrobots, Art Junkie, Mad Barbarians, and Hidaka Makoto.

[Image and information courtesy of the Man-E-Toys blog.]

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