PJ Constable's Goblin versus Beastlie custom Munny for Kidrobot's MunnyMunth!

Sometimes it is hard to believe how stunning the work of PJ Constable is, regardless of his age, given that he's only been doing it for roughly a year or so! The above pictured piece, Constable's entry for Kidrobot's previously announced MunnyMunth contest, is a creative reinterpretation of the platform back by some simply stellar sculpting and paint work. By converting the body of the Munny into a hollowed out tree, he was able to transform the Munny's head into a full goblinoid creature that is threatening a cute little beastie (which looks a bit like a Beastlie) inside the stump. But Constable's true talent is adding the minor details that make a piece more believable and real, like the mushroom outgrowths on the back of the tree or the very nuanced level of mossy growth around the base. You can vote for this MunnyMunth entry HERE.

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