MyTummyToys's Jouwe evolves into a designer toy predator, the "J-Shark!"

Sharks are one of the most primal predators alive on the planet today, so it's amazing to see them paid the bloody respect they deserve as Indonesian artist MyTummyToys evolves the Jouwe shape into the "J-Shark!" We'd previously revealed the 8-inch tall design back in January, but we're told the initial drawings for this release date all the way back to 2008… though I'd imagine it takes quite a bit of skill to cast resin creatures that look so production perfect and have three points of articulation (hands/fins and tail). Available in three ultra-limited editions — 15 pieces in Mono/Grey, 10 pieces in White, and 5 pieces in Baby Blue — these fantastic creations are available for pre-order now in the MyTummyToys online store for $200 apiece.

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