Otto Bjornik's "Neeti" custom Munny commission piece for someone special…

What do you do when you want to truly show a girl how much you care about her? Commissioning a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork to be inspired by her actually sounds like a very flattering answer! And that's exactly what one of Otto Björnik's fans did when they requested a custom 7-inch Munny from the artist, one that was "for someone special to him," a girl named Neeti. As is usually the case when you want the best results, Björnik was given as few limitations on his work as possible: long flowing robes, flowers on the head, earrings somehow inspired by the African flag, incorporate a Chuukese love stick into the design, and if there was to be any color then it should be green (after Neeti's birthstone). And, as you can see from these pictures of the custom creation, Bjornik was able to meet each and every one of those requests brilliantly, keeping true to his style while still making "Neeti" (the custom) something that would be deeply personal and appreciated by Neeti (the muse).

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