OMFG! AP Cry-Borg & Exclusive "New Recruits" Series 2 Colorway

 photo OMFGNewRecruits.jpg photo apcryborgfrontback.jpg
Rufus, the artist behind the Cry-Borg OMFG! Series 2 figure, will be making 100 of his hot pink Artist Proof's available at his online store HERE starting Saturday, May 11 at 12noon EST. The AP versions are limited to 200 pieces per OMFG figure. The first 100 of Cry-Borg's APs have already been claimed thanks to a promotion for Ruf's "Scrap Metals" facebook page, gifts to family and friends, trades, and a small quantity being held back for future projects. The remaining 100 will be available in the store for sale worldwide. These figures will be shipped "loose" with no packaging. Cost will be $5 USD each plus shipping, with a limit of 2 per customer.

 photo newrecruitsgroup.jpg
Also dropping at the exact same time (Saturday, May 11, 12:00 PM EST) and same location, HERE, is the "NEW RECRUITS" OMFG Series 2 exclusive colorway in an "army man green". The "New Recruits" color was chosen as an alternative to the neons and brightness of the previous OMFG releases. The "New Recruits" packs contain all 5 OMFG Series 2 characters (SHIRTLE, GRIMM GOURD, CRY-BORG, CUDDLEHARD, & PUKE KNIGHT) sealed in package with header art by Rufus. Price will be $10 USD per set plus shipping, limit 2 per customer.

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