Jim McKenzie's "Pumpkin Crab" resin art multiple... is AWESOME, and is now on Kickstarter!!!

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Kickstarter has been an awesome tool for artists to get their work out into the public eye... and not only is that a HUGE benefit, but it also exposes said art to others who would not normally see it. That's the case with the work of Jim McKenzie, and I am really excited to show off his amazing looking resin "Pumpkin Crab" figure. Based on a character that has popped up here and there in paintings that he has created over the years, he figured it was time to take this to the next level and recreate it as a resin art multiple. With the help of Kickstarter, you can go HERE now and get one of these fantastic 7" wide figures for just $70 ($100 once the Kickstarter campaign ends)... and just like most campaigns, there are all kinds of tiers you can donate to... all of which have some really amazing incentives!

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"Pumpkin Crab Print"
I really just became privy to Jim's work as of this Kickstarter... and I gotta say, I am already a HUGE fan. His painting style is really alot of fun, and has this fun, electric style about it. His Kickstarter campaign is set for 56 days... and it's already 200% funded... but I think this figure, and this artist deserves so much more. So if you are looking to add a fantastic looking, new resin figure to your collection, head on over HERE now and support Jim and his art!

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