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October Toys's OMFG! Series 4 Designs Revealed!!!

The successful, popular, and publicly decided OMFG! (Outlandish Mini Figure Guys) series sets continue to move forward, with voting having just concluded for Series 4! Pictured above are the five designs that will be included in the forthcoming fourth installment from October Toys, which will be initially sold (and funded) through Kickstarter as all previous sets have. While there is no official announcement on the design names or artists, I can at least share with you the information as provided when the submission was first placed… From top left to bottom right: "Treewitched" designed by MudMorox (sculpted by GormTransMonster), "The Wooly Wisp" designed & sculpted by Billy Parker, "Bull's Eye" designed by Raging Nerdgasm (sculpted by George Gaspar), "The Siren" designed by Corwin Webb, and "Fossil Freak" designed by GSilverfish. Overall, I'd say this quite the strong offering!

In a related note, there have been so many quality submissions to OMFG! that have not been selected by voting that October Toys has decided to expand their OTMF (October Toys Mini Figure) line by contacting some of the artists directly. Also, there will be a change in the selection process of OMFG! Series 5, with a separate voting system but with final character selection determined by a committee… which, in my opinion, is a long overdue change to ensure quality and fairness.

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