Max Toy Company X Javier Jimenez - "Gangsta Eyezon" WIP sculpt!

 photo Gansta-Eyezon-2.jpg
I was browsing Instagram last night and ran across Javier Jimenez's feed... and saw that photo that you see above of an awesome looking version of Mark Nagata's "Eyezon" figure, and decided to do some digging! Upon further investigation, I totally recalled seeing a poster of this figure... as it's based on Javier's re-design of Kaiju Eyezon that he did for the 5th Anniversary show poster. Javier went on to discover that there's a group of super talented guys in his city of Granada, Spain, called Barbatos FX and they do special effects for movies, but they also sculpt very cool detailed monsters... which fits perfectly into what needed to happen next.

 photo Kaiju-Eyezon-5th-Anniversary.jpg
Javier got the blessing from Mark, and the rest is history! The sculpt looks amazing, and really does have an uncanny resemblance to the poster that was created for the 5th anniversary show (above right)! It's very detailed, and according to Javier, it's size is the same of a standard Eyezon. All other details are very hush, hush about it... so until we find out more info, we can all just marinate on the images in the post! Can't wait to see how this unfolds!

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